Products for use with Oracle databases:

Golden History Purchase Download

Golden is a query and scripting tool for Oracle databases. It features close compatibility with SQLPLus' scripting conventions including variable prompting and bind variable syntax. Easily build SQL statements with the SQLBuilder and popup helper lists. Directly export to Excel or Open Office calc or a number of different file formats. Includes the ImpExp Import/Export program.

PLEdit History Purchase Download

PLEdit is a program for editing and compiling PL/SQL modules. It allows working with stored procedures, functions, types, packages, triggers and views. Easily view errors and warnings (new feature!)

Goldview History Purchase Download

GoldView is a schema structure browser. It displays information on the structure and properties of schema objects (such as Tables, Views, Indexes, etc.) It allows safe browsing of schema information without the fear of accidentally damaging the database.

BenthicImpExp History Purchase Download

BenthicImpExp is an import/export tool for Oracle databases. BenthicImpExp is an application that allows you to import data into tables, export query data to text files, and to run SQL and PL/SQL commands. Imports, Exports and Command specification can be saved to files to be loaded and run later. This application also includes two "runner" applications. ImpExpRunner allows running Import, Export and Command files while giving feedback and allowing the user to cancel the process. ImpExpRunnerCmd is a command line version (a "console" program) that can be used when you don't need a user interface (such as from batch files.) It is optimized to be quick and resource friendly.

Goldload History Purchase Download

Goldload is a set of scriptable ActiveX automation objects that allow you to import and export delimited and fixed-width ascii files to and from Oracle. Goldload can be used with any language capable of calling ActiveX automation objects (often called OLE Automation Servers or just Automation Objects.) GoldLoad consists of two Automation Objects; the Import object and the Export object. The objects are heavily optimized to reduce time and network traffic. Powerful and easy to use!

Products for use with any database via ODBC or OLEDB:

BenthicSQALL History Purchase Download

BenthicSQALL is an SQL query tool that works with any database with an ODBC or OLEDB driver. This includes Oracle, DB2, Sql Server, Sybase, MySQL, Firebird and many others.