Goldload Update History

Version 1.5 Build 46 - March 28, 2008

  • Improved: Minor changes for Vista support.

Version 1.5 Build 44 - June 9, 2006

  • Added: RunSQLCommand() to the export object.

Version 1.5 Build 43 - January 19, 2005

  • Fixed: Fixed a 'could not find oci.dll' problem with the Oracle 10g Instant Client.

Version 1.5 Build 42 - January 7, 2005

  • Added support for the Oracle 10g Clients.
  • Added WriteToLogfile method to allow writing to the logfile.

Version 1.5 Build 40 - June 25, 2004

  • Fixed problem with RunSQLCommand not picking up hard coded OCI DLL value.
  • Added import handling for TIMESTAMP and TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE type with format specified in the AddColumn method.
  • Added properties:
    • DefaultTimestampFormat (default is empty which doesn't change the database defaults)
    • DefaultTimestampTZFormat (default is empty which doesn't change the database defaults)

Version 1.4 Build 37 - January 29, 2003

  • Added the ability for field delimiters and records delimiters to be any length. Note that field qualifiers have to be a single character.
  • Several file parsing improvements for better throughput.

Version 1.3 Build 33 - June 11, 2001

  • Goldload wasn't correctly handling the default date format setting (gets used if you don't enter date formats in the addColumn function.)

Version 1.3 Build 32 - March 22, 2001

  • Fixed a problem with importing fixed width datafiles if the field delimiter and qualifier were not cleared (or set at all since the defaults would be taken.) Now these are cleared automatically when using a fixed width datafile.

Version 1.3 Build 30 - February 9, 2001

  • Added a property called 'KeepConnection' (default FALSE) to the import and export objects. If true, the object will not automatically logoff when done with an action. This is useful if you want to do multiple imports or exports on the same import/export object and want to avoid logon/logoff overhead.
  • Added the property EndOfFileDelimiter which should be set to the end of file marker or left empty. This field can be set to specific ASCII codes using the '#nn' format.
    • i.e. ImportObject.EndOfFileDelimiter = '#04'
  • Added the property RecordsToImport (import object only.) This property allows testing on large files (i.e. set RecordsToImport to 100 for testing.) Default value is -1 which means 'import all.'
  • Added the property 'StripCR' to the import and export objects. Default is FALSE. When this property is true, CR (#13) characters in the data will be removed. This is useful for text fields where you want the data to contain just a line feed (#10) and lines are delimited with CRLF (#13#10)
  • Added support for LONG RAW and BLOB datatypes for import and export. These types are converted to a string of HEX digits (i.e. 1AFF) on export and back to binary on import.
  • Added the ability to import ZONED decimal datatypes (i.e. 0009520R). To do this use 'ZONED(PRECISION,SCALE)' as the format in the addColumn function.
    • i.e. ImportObject.AddColumn "ColumnName", "ZONED(8,2)"
  • Fixed a problem importing data into databases with a multi-byte character set (like UTF8.)

Version 1.2 Build 21 - June 20, 2000

  • Added the ability to ignore a field in the import file by using -IGNORE- as the column name in the AddColumn function.
    • Example: ImportObj.AddColumn "-IGNORE-", ""
  • Added some methods:
    • Import:
      • RecordsImportedCount (Function returns integer)
      • RecordsFailedCount (Function returns integer)
    • Export:
      • RecordsExportedCount (Function returns integer)

Version 1.1 Build 19 - March 22, 2000

  • Fixed a CLOB import problem where CLOB importwould fail on 8.0 but not on 8.1.

Version 1.1 Build 18 - March 20, 2000

  • Fixed a CLOB import problem.

Version 1.1 Build 16 - February 16, 2000

  • Added the ability to handle fixed width imports and exports.
  • Added license error information to the beginning of the logfile.
  • Added trial period information to the beginning of the logfile.

Version 1.0 Build 12 - January 20, 2000

  • Initial release.