Goldview Update History

Version 3.0 Build 302 - April 13, 2011

  • Fixed: Trigger code would not show comments in the header section.

Version 3.0 Build 301 - March 7, 2011

  • Fixed: Build 300 was requiring users to enter their registration code even if the older version was properly registered.

Version 3.0 Build 300 - March 1, 2011

  • Added: Unicode support
  • Added: New Login window
  • Improved: Support for function based indexes
  • Improved: Speed improvements

Version 2.1 Build 191 - February 15, 2008

  • Fixed: Dictionary query error on Oracle 8.

Version 2.1 Build 190 - February 11, 2008

  • Fixed: Now properly uses CHAR length semantics when appropriate.

Version 2.1 Build 189 - March 9, 2007

  • Fixed: Fixed a problem with using "/@database as sysdba" in the login window.

Version 2.1 Build 188 - March 9, 2007

  • Fixed: Fixed a problem with "Large fonts" system setting.

Version 2.1 Build 187 - February 15, 2007

  • Added: Added a start menu link for the HTMLHelp version of the help file if you are using Vista (which doesn't support the old WinHelp help file version.)
  • Improved: Fixed some minor interface issues for Windows Vista. Please report any problems!
  • Fixed: Removed recyclebin objects from the object tree.
  • Fixed: Error using the Tools menu if logged in 'as sysdba' or 'as sysoper'.

Version 2.1 Build 186 - January 4, 2006

  • Improved: New menu style with menu icons.
  • Improved: Changes in 'Check web for update' procedure now uses system internet settings so it no longer requires setting proxy information for those using proxies. It now performs any needed download by requesting the download to be made from your default web browser.
  • Fixed: Using Alt-Letters or Alt-Arrows-Enter to choose menu options could cause an extra key to be sent if a new window was opened.
  • Fixed: Help system wasn't working.

Version 2.1 Build 185 - April 4, 2005

  • Added: Table DDL now shows table and columns comments. This can be turned off on the DDL options page.
  • Fixed: Sample data wasn't working for schema's or tables that needed double quoting.
  • Fixed: Table DDL would show inline NOT NULL constraints for columns where the NOT NULL condition was system generated. For example if the column was created without NOT NULL but was then used in the primary key.
  • Improved: Table DDL will now show named inline not null constraints. Since these constraint names don't appear in error messages they often aren't named.

Version 2.1 Build 184 - January 19, 2005

  • Fixed: Fixed a 'could not find oci.dll' problem with the Oracle 10g Instant Client.

Version 2.1 Build 183 - August 19, 2004

  • Fixed: DDL output for foreign constraints didn't properly handle referencing a table in a different schema.

Version 2.1 Build 182 - August 6, 2004

  • Added: Added support for new "Easy Connect" naming method of Oracle 10.
    • i.e.: [//]host[:port][/service_name]
      which needs no TNSNames.ora file so it's especially useful with the new "Instant Client"
  • Added: Now Database Aliases from TNSNames.Ora will be included in the drop down database list on the Login window. There are new options to turn this off and not have the names lowercased on the login options window. You can also edit the list there (note that this only affects the list, not TNSNames.Ora.)
  • Fixed: Usernames containing '-' were being forced to be case sensitive. This has been fixed.
  • Improved: Small fixes to schemalist optimization under certain conditions.

Version 2.1 Build 181 - March 1, 2004

  • Improved: Goldview's core keyword list has been increased and now only additions or subtractions to the list are saved in the options. You can remove a keyword by just adding it to the keyword list with a '-' at the front (i.e. -SELECT will remove select from the keyword list.)
  • Added: Cancel button to options window.
  • Fixed: Keywords weren't being saved.
  • Fixed: Some menu shortcuts weren't set.

Version 2.1 Build 180 - February 23, 2004

  • Added: USING INDEX clause for constraints.
  • Improved: Formatting of DDL was changed to more closely match the output of Oracle 9's DBMS_METADATA output.
  • Improved: If user has primary key or unique key constraints turned off in the options then associated indexes would be shown with their system generated name. Instead we now give the indexes a name reminding the user to rename them.
  • Improved: Removing blank values from physical/storage properties of ddl when appropriate.
  • Improved: Speeded up selecting and searching when the object list is large.
  • Fixed: Strip local owner name was stripping when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed: BITMAP indexes not in ddl.
  • Fixed: Index tablespace and storage clauses not in ddl.

Version 2.1 Build 178 - December 3, 2003

  • Connection code now matches latest version of Golden.
  • New Connection Diagnostics option on the help menu.
  • Data sample now works with Oracle 9 types.
  • Data sample speed improved.

Version 2.1 Build 176 - September 18, 2002

  • Added handling for changing your password if it has expired (Oracle 8+ feature.)
  • Fixed a problem where Goldview wouldn't use the dba_ views in some cases where it was appropriate to do so.

Version 2.1 Build 175 - July 2, 2002

  • Added support for bitmap indexes.
  • Change to support the read only setting of other Benthic applications.

Version 2.1 Build 174 - May 10, 2002

  • Several fixes to table DDL including correct handling for unique constraints.
  • Small change to fail over to use the all_ data dictionary tables if the user seems to have dba privileges but can't access the dba_ tables (in Oracle 9i the 'select any table' grant doesn't by default give access to the dba_ tables.)

Version 2.1 Build 172 - February 21, 2002

  • Changed the DDL queries to use the appropriate data dictionary views for the user (either dba_ or all_.)

Version 2.1 Build 171 - January 30, 2002

  • Separated the old 'CODE' section into separate 'functions/procedures' and 'packages' sections.
  • When a package or type is selected you can now click 'Show Header' or 'Show Body' buttons above the code display.
  • Added a find feature to the code and ddl displays. To bring up the find window just click in the code or ddl window before clicking Edit | Find or using Ctrl-F.
  • Added options to change the sort order and display of objects in the object tree.
  • Added line numbers to the code displays.
  • Brought Goldview's printing system up to the standards of Golden (page settings, print preview, syntax highlighting, etc.)
  • Changed the options on the 'Performance' tab of the options window. The default setting of 'Fast Owners Query' should work well for all but the largest databases. The 'Alternate fast Owners Query' should work well on large databases. Note that you have to re-login to see the change. The performance results are shown right after a login. Please let us know if none of the performance options work well for you!
  • Fixed a scrolling problem on DDL displays.

Version 2.0 Build 168 - January 16, 2002

  • Changed the table DDL to not include separate NOT NULL check constraints for columns with the NOT NULL column clause in the create table statement even if multiple NOT NULL check constraints appear in the system tables for that column.

Version 2.0 Build 167 - December 24, 2001

  • Fixed a bug in the Primary Key DDL if the primary key wasn't at the beginning of the column list.

Version 2.0 Build 166 - November 30, 2001

  • Fixed a bug where Goldview wasn't remembering the Font 'script' setting.

Version 2.0 Build 165 - November 7, 2001

  • Fixed a bug where "CACHE 0" was used in the sequence DDL instead of "NOCACHE".

Version 2.0 Build 164 - November 3, 2001

  • Fixed a bug where sequence CACHE would be blank. Note that there will be no CACHE clause in the DDL if the CACHE size is the default (20).
  • Added associated INSTEAD OF triggers to view DDL.

Version 2.0 Build 163 - October 29, 2001

  • Added the ability to show DDL (data definition language - basically the SQL to re-create the object) to all objects. Note that some icons like 'show code' for procedures and 'show text' for views have been changed to the more generic 'show ddl for object'. Please let us know ( if you have any problems or suggestions for this feature. Note that there is a new 'Options' page called 'DDL Settings' where you can tweak the generated SQL.
  • Added column click sorting to the Table Structure, Table Sample Data, View Structure and View Sample Data displays. Just click a column header to sort and click it again to reverse sort.

Version 1.9 Build 159 - June 15, 2001

  • Added a check for the SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE.
  • Changed data dictionary lookups to use the DBA_ catalog tables when user is a DBA or has DBA-like rights.

Version 1.9 Build 157 - April 26, 2001

  • Added a new menu called 'View' with options for word wrapping source code and syntax highlighting source code. These options are persistant. There is also a new 'Syntax Highlighting' options page.
  • Added support for TYPE and TYPE BODY.
  • Fixed a 'grid index out of bounds' error when using the mouse wheel.
  • Added 'order by column_id' to the View structure query.

Version 1.9 Build 153 - September 12, 2000

  • Modified the color settings on a number of the windows to use the standard system wide WindowsText color for fonts (it was using black which caused obvious problems if you used a black window background setting.)

Version 1.9 Build 152 - August 25, 2000

  • This release is to fix an incompatibility with Computer Associate's Innoculate Antivirus software.

Version 1.9 Build 150 - March 28, 2000

  • Moved Program Options to the tools menu to match other tools.
  • New Disconnect menu item.
  • New Network code as in Golden.

Version 1.9 Build 149 - January 14, 2000

  • Fixed the printing which became broken in build 148.

Version 1.9 Build 148 - January 4, 2000

  • Now 'Copy selection' works correctly for non-spreadsheet items.
  • Added a date format setting on the show page of the options window to set the date format for the datasample view.

Version 1.9 Build 147 - July 19, 1999

  • Added Unregister program and Check web for new version to the Help menu.
  • Fixes a problem when using the Tools menu to go to other app when a hardcoded oci.dll is used.
  • The Tools menu will now work when the applications are in different directories. Note that the individual apps have to be run once 'solo' so that their locations can be entered into the registry.

Version 1.9 Build 146 - July 15, 1999

  • Includes the new login window and options from Golden and PLEdit.
  • Updated help file.

Version 1.9 Build 142 - June 17, 1999

  • Actually made the Net8i code work!
  • New login screen with user requests and right click menus.

Version 1.9 Build 141 - April 14, 1999

  • Changes for Net8 8.1.x.

Version 1.9 Build 140 - February 19, 1999

  • Changed object tree search to allow forward/reverse searching. While focus is on search field:
    • Enter = Search Down
    • Shift-Enter = Search Up
    • Down Arrow = Search Down
    • Up Arrow = Search Up
  • New Hotkeys:
    • F5 = Refresh (Microsoft standard)
    • Ctrl-J = Login (Compatible with Oracle's tools?)
    • F3 = Find
    • Ctrl-F = Find

Version 1.9 Build 139 - February 18, 1999

  • Added new login screen to match Golden and PLEdit. (Quick Login features)
  • Added new option on the Show page to remove the owner name from the object tree when it isn't needed.
  • Added new optional setting so that object tree refreshes only happen when the refresh button is pushed.
  • Added an object tree search field. Note: Press Enter in the search field to search.

Version 1.9 Build 137 - September 29, 1998

  • Removed length constrains on display of code text.
  • Added Tab size option to the Program Options|Editor page.

Version 1.9 Build 136 - August 18, 1998

  • Changed DBA schema lookup to avoid the use of dba synonyms.
  • Fixed a problem when loading schemas and not using the 'fast' query option.

Version 1.9 Build 134 - August 12, 1998

  • Added an option to change the number of rows shown in a data sample.

Version 1.9 Build 132 - July 28, 1998

  • Made initialization MUCH fast for DBAs.
  • Fixed some problems with viewing trigger code in other schemas.
  • Added proper headers to trigger code text and view text.
  • Added owner name to code module text in other schemas.
  • Added option to start with a collapsed object tree.

Version 1.9 Build 130 - June 18, 1998

  • Now works with Oracle8/Net8.
  • Some user interface changes.
  • More options for performance and display.
  • Added Indexes to object tree.

Version 1.8 Build 124 - Dec 11, 1997

  • Added Program Options to file menu.
  • Added font selection to program options.

Version 1.8 Build 123 - Dec 1, 1997

  • Fixed problem registering.
  • Changed Hot keys 1-9 to Ctrl 1-9.

Version 1.8 Build 118 - August 6, 1997

  • Fixed and improved keyboard interface.
    Hot keys:
    • 1-9 clicks corresponding button on the current toolbar.
    • Shift-Arrows moves through list without refreshing.
  • Added Object list when 'subject' nodes are selected.

Version 1.7 Build 117 - July 11, 1997

  • Add version info and build number to about box.
  • Started History file!