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Goldload allows you to import and export delimited and fixed-width ascii files to and from Oracle using any language capable of calling ActiveX Automation Objects (often called OLE Automation Servers or just Automation Objects.) GoldLoad consists of two Automation Objects; the Import object and the Export object. The objects are heavily optimized to reduce time and network traffic.

  • Supported Client Operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Terminal Server/Citrix, 64bit with 32bit Oracle Client Installed.
  • Supports Oracle 8.0 - 12, SQLNet 2.x - Net12 (including 'Instant Client')
  • Default handling is 100% compliant with standard csv file format
  • Callable from any language that supports ActiveX or OLE Automation
  • All examples written in simple VBScript using the Windows Scripting Host and easily transferred to other languages

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  • $100.00 (USD) per user
  • $80.00 (USD) per user when purchasing 5 or more licenses

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